Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Feathering Our Nest...

People have often suggested that I was born in the wrong century. I do consider myself to be a very "old-fashioned" woman. I love filling our home with romantic, elegant things... from Battenburg lace tablecloths to vintage dishes. I aquire most of these treasures at flea markets, garage sales, or receive them as gifts from those who know me very well. 

As I personalize our "new" home wih fabric, paint, and more love than money, I seek a time-worn cozy look more than a modern style. I have collected antique linens and vintage items since I was 18 years old, and I find the touch of romance they bring to our home to be incredibly beautiful. Expert decorators agree that time-worn linens are a luxury we all should enjoy every day. White is one of my favorite decorating colors. Using a great deal of white is relaxed and easy, because things do not have to match perfectly. I love odd pieces that work well together in our home.

I have a real passion for french toile, it is so interesting and classic.   I plan to make balloon curtains for our Living Room in Toile material.

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