Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The Perfect Retreat...

     A soft, well-loved pillow, a simple quilt to wrap oneself in, or a just-picked handful of Daisies-- these are some of the memories that stand out from my childhood, memories that evoke the feelings of warmth, comfort, and happiness. More and more, I find myself trying to bring those pleasures back into my daily life. Though we all strive to improve our lives, Mike & I are finding that bigger, faster, or more expensive is not always better. Unpretentious living seems to give the greatest satisfction to those of us who are "romantics." 

To that end, we celebrate the Cottage Style of our Home. It is a style of decorating that speaks of simple needs, cozy feelings, honest values, and the love of nature.   Cottage style is planted in our family's memories from the Fairy Tales of our childhood -- the perfect retreat that we long to re-create in our Home. We hope that in reading our posts and visiting our blog, the readers will discover the reason that we snuggle into this style, and why we would not trade our small dwelling spaces for a palace in Versailles.

I think of Blue Willow Cottage as a place of Retreat... where the bustle, hustle, and stress of life is set aside so that we are able to slow down for the evening to enjoy the memorable times in our lives.

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