Friday, October 24, 2014

The Cottage is Dressed for Autumn

It is no secret that I love decorating for Fall.  

It is one of our most vibrantly colorful seasons,


so I begin


dressing up the Cottage room by room


on the First of


September. . 

The first room to be adorned is always
The Living Room.
I started with this Hutch, a Gift to my sister and I
for our bedroom years ago from my Aunt June.
I love using Plates, Cloth, and Ribbon to bring in the
vibrant colors of the Fall Season.


I'll be sharing some peeks at ways

 in which I have spruced up our home

for the Autumn in the following pages


 of this post...

I love to place twinkling white lights outside on the front porch to greet my visitors and guests on these dark evenings.   Mums and yellow marigolds are abundant in pots on the porch, with smatterings of Scarecrow figures and a Pumpkin here and there. 

      I save seeds of chia, alyssum, and flax to scatter when the frost kills
the hotter thriving plants in my pots, so I still have a green,
lush backdrop into which I place
more jewel toned blooms, pumpkins,
wooden signs, and articles of the season.

To the Right of the Hearth is a vignette of fall. 





I place messages on the


plaid message board,

such as


"Welcome, Friends,"

A simple vignette with pumpkins,
books, a bird, and teapot

This is one of the first places
 upon which

 the eye rests entering the

Living Room.  I love to make

little vignettes for the shelves.

Outside are all the signs of
the Harvest Season

The  back porch garden has a Scarecrow
So cute!
Scarecrow  Face made entirely of items for the Birds to eat!
Three Tall Scarecrows stand guard out front in the yard

Reader, Have you


started decorating yet ?

I would love to hear from you how you have


spruced up your home


for the Autumn in the


 comment pages


 of this post...

Monday, October 13, 2014

Childhood Sanctuary

Whenever I fall prey to the stress that adult life sends my way, I head to a place in my backyard... A Place where a special chair sits by my sacred garden. 
Among the birds singing their sweet songs and the butterflies being amused by the rosemary and thyme, my favorite childhood chair remains, basking in the beauty that surrounds it ... 

I am not quite sure when this old, distressed piece of furniture came into my life, but I do remember the feeling of excitement.  "Just for me?"  I asked my mother.  Her reply:   "Of course." 

Though the seasons change, my little special chair does not.  It survivies rain, heavy winds, and rays of sunshine; it stands faithful and often hints of Pride, knowing that no matter what my mood, it is there to preserve my childhood memories.  During the exuberant early days of autumn, as a child, I used to sit with excitement near our tiny pumpkin patch, wondering which great pumpkin was coming. 

My chair is the bridge to my past,-- an extention to days of innocence - when life was simple and the hug of my Mother was more than enough. 

As my Grandmother May sat near me in her own chair, reading a book, the strength of womanhood was instilled in me for life. 

Weeks will sometimes pass before I sneak in  a memory or two; but when it gets to the point where I need to deeply exhale, then inhale and refill my soul, I sneak to my backyard chair and rekindle the thoughts of yesterday, where a little girl sat with the marvelous world all around her.

Monday, October 6, 2014

Gathering at the Table

     I have read that today's American family rarely gathers around the table to share the evening meal.  Statistics also indicate that the family who gathers for an evening meal at least three times a week experiences closer relationships, and have stronger ties.  And there is nothing like a table full of comfort foods to get conversations going.

I really love gathering around the table, eating good food and sharing hearts with my family. Some day my son and nieces will have tables of their own to gather around, hopefully carrying on the simple traditions we have created (of praying and thanking God for the bounty).
And whatever you do in word or deed, do all in the name of the Lord Jesus,
 giving thanks to God the Father through Him.
 ~Colossians 3:17

Around here the evening meal encourages conversations. My son is inclined to open up more at the table. He asks questions, trying to discern many of life's mysteries at the dinner hour. Often one of us drifts away,  but he will linger there with me.    As I start the washing of dishes, we share conversations.   Sometimes he really opens up and shares his heart at this  special time. 
if our table could speak, what tales would be told!

Friday, October 3, 2014

Lyrics I Repeat on Days like this...

 I will challenge myself to the following:
That I will become so
strong in Jesus that nothing
can disturb my Peace of Mind,

That I will talk Health,
Happiness, & Eternal Life 
 to every person that I meet,

 That I will make all my friends
 feel that there is
“something very special”
in them,


· That I will think only of the Best, expect only the Best, & be just as enthusiastic about the success of others as I am about my own success,

· That I will forget the mistakes of the past, and press on to greater achievements of the future,
· That I will wear a cheerful countenance at all times, & give every living creature that I meet a smile,

· That I will give so much time to the improvement of myself that I have NO time to criticize others,

· That I will be too calm and stable for worry, too noble for anger, too strong for fear, & too happy to permit the presence of trouble.


These are my goals.
This is my Scripture for which I aim my life
25She is clothed with strength and dignity,
and laughs at the days to come.*
26She opens her mouth in wisdom;
kindly instruction is on her tongue.
27She watches over* the affairs of her household,
and does not eat the bread of idleness.
28Her children rise up and call her blessed;
her husband, too, praises her:
29“Many are the women of proven worth,
but you have excelled them all.”
30Charm is deceptive and beauty fleeting;
the woman who fears the LORD is to be praised.*
31Acclaim her for the work of her hands,
and let her deeds praise her at the city gates.
From Proverbs 31

Thursday, October 2, 2014

The Mind and the Hand in Autumn

There is something about Autumn that gets my

 creative juices flowing! 

 Inspiration is everywhere. 
I think I am still connecting to that back

to school feeling. 
 I get these strong urges to make
 to put my photos in scrapbooks;
plan a harvest brunch, and make some
 place-cards for it,
plant various and multitudes of bulbs,
tie up bunches of herbs to dry,
make apple butter, or embroider something.

"Nothing feeds the center of being so much as creative work.  The curtain of mechanization has come down between the mind and the hand.” -Anne Morrow Lindbergh

Here are some suggestions to do on a cold, autumn night: 

· Sit in front of a blazing fire, and hand sew charming little gifts, like little pillows, sachets, pincushions, or a star to hang.  Felt is great for the fabric of these little treasures. 

 Keep a sewing basket near your most comfortable chair and Create!

· Sip decaf-tea in the evening, with your journal on your lap.  Pause to thank God for the previous day’s blessings, then write them in your journal. 

 I have a lovely leather journal, given to me by my sister, Natalie years ago for Christmas.  She begged me to begin this habit, imploring, “Just write 2-3 words down, anything!’. 

Now, I write many words, and it is such a delight to go back through the journal (like roses in December) at the way I have tried to maintain a positive outlook even in the midst of some serious trials.  I love remembering and  noting what my favorite women's minister. Beth Moore, calls “God-Stops” in my day.

·  Pray for a missionary family,  Make a card and send it to cheer them.

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