Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Eyes for Beauty

It is better to have eyes for beauty – than for blemish.
It is better to be able to see the rose – than the thorns.

Alanje School, Honduras
It is better to have learned to look for things
 to commend in others – than condemn. 

Of course other people have faults –
and we are not blind.

But then we have faults of our own –
 and this should make us charitable.

~ JR Miller

Summer, 2014

These are our friends from the Alanje School in Honduras

A group of College Students are
going again this Summer to serve them,
and paint their school. 

Will You join us
in praying for them?


Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Dry Leaves...

After a particularly challenging day yesterday, my son,

noticing my less than cheery demeanor, took me by the hand,

leading me to the TV.   He pointed out the little quote I

had pasted on the front 3 years ago.  This is what it said:

     "In every person who
comes near you look for what is
good and strong,
honor that, try to imitate it
and your
faults will drop off
like dry leaves
when their time comes."
- John Ruskin