Thursday, February 9, 2012

the Strong Willed Child

Blaine has been gifted with a strong will for years, really since he was two years old, but the past three weeks they have become very challenging for us. I have struggled with pride (I haughtily call it humiliation) and frustration when this strong will rears its ugly head, especially in public.   The Lord is so good and has blessed us with a fantastic teacher and dear friend at School, and she tells me he is doing well at school. But at home, sometimes.... well.... I can see the Lord growing Blaine through this. Mike & I pray, seeking our Heavenly Father's will and help, and when Blaine is struggling with wanting his way, (bless his heart) afterwards, he just cries in repentance for his impulsive actions. And then we pray again. The Lord is so faithful. When Blaine is repentant, he will ask "Mommy, why does this happen? Why can't I just obey the first time?" We have talked about how through this the Lord is always with him, and loves him so much-- and how through suffering and struggles, our God is still good -- and has a purpose even though we don't understand. Also how every time we suffer it leads our hearts to think of the cross, and how our merciful Savior endured suffering beyond our understanding. And how as a Mother- I wish I could go through it for him, but the Lord needs for Blaine to grow and learn and to go through this with Jesus himself... In the end it will give him the ability to understand and comfort others later in his life.
You are my hiding place and my shield; I HOPE in your Word.

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