Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The Legend of St. Valentine

Therefore be imitators of God, as beloved children; 
and walk in love,
 just as Christ also loved you
and gave Himself up for us…”
—Ephesians 5:1-2

The tradition of expressing affection to those we hold dear actually precedes the legend of St. Valentine sending violets to his fiancee in the mouth of a dove from his prison cell.  The greatest act of love in history is the Gift of God’s Son—the Gift of Eternal Life.    Jesus made the ultimate sacrifice to demonstrate His love for us!  When I thought about this, REALLY wrapped my mind around the vast and profound nature of Such Love,  I realized that I will never again feel unloved! 

I am trying to be an “Imitator of God.”  That means that I will know how to love more purely than others, perhaps.  Maybe it means to love like a child, purely and without any experience of hurt.  Little children never put limits on their love.  I have learned much from observing them.  I remember when Blaine was about 11 months old, how excited and enthusiastic he would become when his Daddy came home from work.  Mike always came in and made a big fuss over the little guy.  He would grab him up and hug him and take him outside to do guy stuff (walk the dog, take a ride on the four-wheeler, go and visit Mr. Dave our elderly neighbor) while I put the finishing touches on our dinner.  I cherish the memories of those days. 

Unfortunately, now Blaine has been taught to put certain conditions on love.  I suspect he learned it mostly from me, but maybe some of it came from school and other places.  But he can also re-learn from me, if I teach him the way God intended.  In commanding  us to be “imitators of God,” and to “walk in love,” we should diligently strive to love unconditionally, just as God does.  Actually, Blaine does this better than I.  For me, achieving this kind of love is tough.  Loving is a process, and it takes time to learn to really love.  I want to learn to make “Unconditional Loving” the way of life in our home.  I love to just meditate on the way Jesus treated people.  I am making a concerted effort to teach our son to be an “imitator of Christ.”  The Bible teaches that it will be one of the greatest gifts I can give to him.  On this day of love, my we all pursue the act unconditional loving as Christ loved us. 

My Prayer this Valentine’s Day:
My Creator and the Lord of Love,
Thank You for  sending Your Son as a Gift of Your love. 
May my husband, son and all those around me
experience unconditional love in me,
as I have experienced it in You. 
Please help me to walk in love,
and show me how I can teach Blaine and others to do the same. 
In Your Son Jesus’ Holy Name.

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Gordon said...

Blaine can most certainly re-learn in a better way how to love. I have observed your life for a long time, and what I see demonstrates a motivation to imitate Christ. In fact, we have even talked about this, remember? Miss you on this special day, I know you always made it so special for the school kids in Blaine's class, and for his teacher. Hope you pamper his current teacher just as much as you did his former ones on this Valentine's Day!