Saturday, September 28, 2013

Come for a Dress Up Tea Party


 My Creative, Talented sister, Natalie and I decided it was time to treat our darling friends who happen to be young ladies to a Real Tea Party.  It began with a session in her upstairs bedroom, included a Fashion Show, and ended with all kinds of delectable yummies. 

Each participant chose a hat to round out the outfit

Pick a necklace and some jewelry

 Special touches included new pillows and a pink quilt to make the event even more special.
I LOVE this lovely Quilt, made by an Amish lady in Lancaster, PA

Heart Shaped Bells ring upon each entrance
to the Front Door to signal
that it was time
for another Welcoming

 Toile Curtains embellished with hearts for the Sweet Hearts

The Chocolate Fountain was so unique, and the most popular food selection.
This was a Buffet of Fruit, Marshmallows, and Cookies to dip into the


 A Picture of my sister's Dining Room.  I love her Chair on the wall décor!  She has no fear when it comes to creative ideas!

And here is some more of The Food:

Fruity Punch

Of Course, we HAD to serve Cucumber Sandwiches!
Rice Crispie Treats are a
little girl's favorite

Dreamy Party Food

The Fashion Show-

After Dressing up, each girl was announced and descended down the steps into the parent-filled Living Room.  We cheered them on, and they felt treasured.   It was the highlight of my day to see the smiles and pride on each young lady's face.

Little ones added colors and sugar to plain
sugar cookies.

The day was exciting and the girls enjoyed the experience to the brink.

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