Sunday, September 29, 2013

"Tips" on loving a Child (Part One)

Sometimes my days are so busy and rushed.
I fail to remember how thrilled I was when the LORD fulfilled a wish and
fervent prayer of mine, one I had petitioned for many, many years.
I promised myself when I brought our little blue bundle
home from the hospital that he would never be
"the interruption" in my life,
but that raising him in the LORD would be my priority.

Here are some of my tips for keeping my promise to myself at the forefront of my mind:

Touch your children as often as possible.
This is especially important when you also must be busy working at home
 in some way--perhaps on the computer or on the phone.

A little stroking of the hair or a snuggle on your lap as you type  
helps them feel like you're engaged with them while you work.

Teach them how to do something unusual, like sewing.
Make it a big deal, talk about it for a week
before you actually do it. 
Be extra gentle and kind while you are instructing.

Always smile at your children when they approach you.
Have a special word or nickname for him/her that only you use,
and whisper the nickname in the child's ear when you hug him/her.

Right Now our son's favorite nickname is
"Kimba".  It will change from time to time, but for now he lights up and smiles
when I call him my "Kimba".

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