Saturday, August 10, 2013

Summer's Fleeting Season

Fresh Produce...  Campfires, Fireflies, Cool Blue Swimming Pools... Summer is here, but we realized it's fleeting season will melt into Autumn as quickly as our Ice Cream melts in the Cone. 

So for now, we cherish every moment of this glorious season.  We stay up later, watching children zipping around the yard, diving, jumping, doing their best to outwit the twinkling little insects and capture them, for just a moment, in jars.   Later, they hold them up to the sky and let them go.

Firefly season in Pennsylvania is fleeting. For just a few months our weather is perfect and our yards glow.   Our days are warm and our nights are clear and cooler.  And here at the Cottage, we revel in our picnics, pool time, fun and fireflies. Because the wonder of it ends all too soon.

We can only hold it for a moment. We need to make the most of it.

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Sharon Hodge said...

The summer season is definitely leaving. My kids start school at the end of August and they are definitely trying to savor every moment right now. The dish above looks so refreshing with all the summer's fresh produce.... Here's to looking forward to the fall!

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