Tuesday, August 6, 2013

On Growing Your Own Food

Thousands of home gardeners around the USA are demonstrating that they can grow an amazing amount of healthy and delicious vegetable bounty in their own backyards

The best reason to grow your own vegetables is because it is healthier:  the gardener controls what goes on and in the crop, plus convenience doesn't get any easier than walking 15 feet from the garden to the kitchen.

Plants, seeds, soil enhancements, and gardening tools are inexpensive and minimal compared to always buying everything at the Supermarket

I love how I am able to walk outside with a basket and scissors,
then come inside and create beautiful arrangements
any time I like.

A  fair share of crops can also be grown on decks, balconies or window boxes. There's even upside down tomato plant grower so small spaces can take advantage of every square inch. 

Adding Color to the yard or home could not be easier

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