Friday, December 13, 2013

Holiday Bake-A-Thon

 The most often-remembered times from my childhood are the days when we covered the tables, chairs, counters, and every other kitchen surface with Sugar Cookies.  I loved how my dear Mother let us take over (and possibly destroy) her kitchen-- just  one day a year--- to make those buttery-sweet cookies that smelled marvelous.

Here at Blue Willow Cottage, we take two Saturdays in December to re-create those precious memories and make some new ones.  "B" has his own Chef's Cap and Apron, and we make a fantastic MESS, making delicious goodies, & all the while, hoping these special moments will stick in B's memory like the one's of my colorful childhood.

I love the rich red color of this Red Velvet Cake Recipe, passed down from my Grandmother.

This year our first Saturday was dedicated to making 10 dozen Red Velvet Cupcakes for our Doctors, Dentist, Pediatrician, and the Mailman.  We make large trays and decorate the Cupcakes with Red and Green Sprinkles...  they are Dazzling!

The Cupcakes are cooling and soon ready for decorating

Our Resident Chef helps in the kitchen. 

 I love that he will be comfortable cooking for his wife and family one day, because he is already at home in the kitchen at age 10!

Ready for Delivery on Monday!

  • Natalie Anne Acri I don't remember that, but thanks for the pictures, and memories I can make up . it's good you have a mind of the steel trap, and I mean that in the nicest way.
  • Laura J. Chapman Baker We are on our way to ark for Christmas this morning. I hope you all have a nice time this Christmas and we will see you in the New Year. We love you all very much.

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Gordon said...

How about your neighbors? Any crumbs left for us? Just kidding. Looking forward to the little basket you will bring with those Red Velvet Specials at Christmas