Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Science Rules! Birthday Party at Blue Willow

Setting the Scene:
Science Tools and Literature
The Security Area
All guests First had to scan in at the Security Area before
joining us in the Lab for the fun!

The Scientist waits for his Birthday Guests to arrive:
He could hardly contain the excitement!
Military Science Expert Uncle Ken at the Security Checkpoint

PD scans in successfully

As the first guests wait for the Security proceedings to
be completed, they were ushered into the
Physical Science area of the "Lab"
given a tray of "Molecules"
The Challenge:  Build a Sound, Stable Molecular Structure

Welcome to the Physical Science area
Guest Scientists build their Molecular Structures
More guests scanned in

AG finished with her structure

Another Engineer joins in the fun

VG's looks like a Tent Molecule

Cathedral Molecule by LB

Volcano Cake

for the chemical reactions

Hydrophobic Sand:  this area was a big hit, one in which the
guests spend much time experimenting.
LN finds this experiment fascinating...

The Explosive Reaction Table

one of our favorite chemical reactions
A liquid/solid substance sure to amaze everyone

More fun than a barrel of monkeys!

The Cake Table

Atomic Party Favors

Cheap Trick: 
Diet Coke and a Pack of Mentos!

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