Friday, July 8, 2011

Grandma Q's Fried Chicken

My Dad loved her chicken the best.
Grandma Vivian fried the most delicious chicken up in her
2nd story apartment in Lemoyne every Sunday.

She taught my sister and I to make it,
telling us we would
delight the heart of our Dad
if we learned well and cooked it often, for it was his
favorite all his life, she would say

Her kitchen was teensy, but she could fry
like the best of them
Grandma once told us that if there was a way
at all to return from the dead to get a message
to this side, she would find it and
come back.  My sister and I have a silly myth.
We joke that she returns in Spring as a Redbird.
Every spring, a redbird comes and perches outside of my Kitchen window.
I wonder if the LORD might allow this unique and hilarious
woman one last way to delight her kin each Spring?

My Fried Chicken is almost as yummy as
the Sunday Chicken dinners I remember
all those years ago.   But Only my own dear Mother
can fry a yummier chicken! 
Here's to Grandma and My JRB Mom
I love you both so deeply.
Gayelynn Quigley Grandma thought the world of you and your sister. Thank you for the kind and sweet words.

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Natalie Anne Acri said...

Boy did we give Grandma a hard time when we were kids. Do you remember when we took our dolls in the wagon and ran away one Friday afternoon while she was keeping us? We stayed out until dark under the neighbor's big pine tree. She was pretty merciful for the Fright we must have given her. And none of us ever did tell Mom or Dad! for Shame!!