Saturday, January 12, 2013

Developing into a Fine Young Man...

        Kimba has decided he needs to improve his cooking skills. For an unknown reason, he is talking and thinking of his "future wife," and has made it his goal to develop himself now so that he will not be a burden to her! (Could it be that his Mother complained a bit too much about his Father's lack of housekeeping skills??)  
Well, the Lord has decided to use it for good, even if the deceiver meant it for evil and discouragement! He has been focused on breakfast and dessert items, but with the spring coming on, he wants to cook more dinners, and "by himself."   

        Well, get in here I say!   He found a recipe out of one of his kid magazines:  First up, a healthy version of "chicken nuggets."    (So simple, just chicken tenderloins dipped in buttermilk and then into bread crumbs seasoned with a bit of Salt &Pepper).    I think next time I will suggest adding a bit of cayenne-- because he did put the hot sauce on the table last night for dipping.  Yummy!

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