Friday, March 16, 2012

Blaine's first short story was awarded 2nd place at the Regional Art & Literature Contest

The Great Sea Captain's Adventure

Once there was a submarine captain named Bliff. He was a mighty man, he was. One day he was exploring underwater and he found a big, old volcano. When he looked down into the volcano's hole, he was shocked to see a forbidden place called Atlantis. Bliff had heard rumors about human people living down under the sea in an air pocket. he was curious and wanted to go into the crack, but just then something that looked like two red glowing eyes came out of the kelp line.

Bliff felt surprized to see those funny red eyes. But then he thought they weren't so funny after all. Just then abig Sea Creature with glowing red eyes came out of it's hiding place in the kelp. Bliff pushed the button in the Submarine that brought up a computer auto pilot for the Submarine to be protected and have its moves directed by the comuputer. That way Bliff could look in his dictionary to find out what this creature was. He looked in his dictionary until he came to the "L's." He passed the pages in the dictionary that said Land, Layer, and Latin. Finally he came to the page that said "Leviathan."

Bliff was to see that he was looking face to face with a Leviathan, the scary monster that Job was talking about in the Bible in Job Chapter 40:11. He was so worried that he took over the submarine controls, and dove straight into the volcano. It didn't burn him, and he saw a little crack in the volcano wall. He made the submarine go down in it. Then he found a little tunnel. He thought it may be a way out of the volcano, and it was.

The Leviathan was right behind him, shooting electric bolts and fireout of his mouth at the submarine. Smoke was everywhere. Bliff went up through the tunnel, and dashed about 15 feet into the air pocket, and landed with a Ka-Splash! He landed back in the water, just in time for the Leviathan to give up, but when the Leviathan swished his big tail, lots of smoke and dust came out of the volcano, and the water was murky. A big cloud of dust came into the tunnel crack and mixed with the water where the submarine had gone.

Bliff got out of the submarine and went into the water in his scuba suit, carefully climbing up into the airpocket in the tunnel. He explored all around until he came to a huge puddle full of molten lava. Some strange, friendly creatures allowed him to pass through a path. The friendly creatures had glowing blue faces, and they led Bliff to a bridge taking them all safely over a lake of molten lava. They all got across, and came to a really weird cave-like place. There, standing before them all was a Fish-looking hammer head shark machine. The machine had a small hidden cove inside it, and there was a crystal there. The Blue creatures told Bliff that the crystal was a magic power source to make it fly. Bliff worked with the crystal and figured out how to make the machine fly.

The blue creatures were so happy that Bliff had learned a way to make the Fish machine fly. They smiled and took off their blue masks. Bliff saw one creature who looked very familiar. He looked so much like Bliff's best friend back home, named "Langston." When he looked around at all of the creatures, he was surprized to see that they were not just creatures, but little people, just like him, only much smaller. The creatures played with Bliff and enjoyed themselves for the rest of the day. Then, they got the Fish machine ready to take Bliff home.

Bliff said goodbye to everyone, then got on the Fish Machine, and it flew out of the air pocket, into the tunnel, and back to where the submarine was waiting. There was no Leviathan in sight, so Bliff got into the Submarine and took off into the ocean towards home. When he got home, he went over to his best friend, Langston's house, and told him all about this adventure. Langston said, "Wow, take me along next time."

Bliff said, "You'll have to borrow my submarine, because after this adventure, I think I want to explore the outer space."

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