Thursday, November 14, 2013

Job Description of a Mother

This morning, I was reflecting on my role as a Mother. 
This wonderful job requires the skills of a teacher, counselor, maid, short-order cook, nurse, party planner, financial analyst, and chauffer!   Unfortunately, the society we live in today has downplayed the importance of my role as a mom. 
 I was reminded of this in church, of all places!  A comment was made like, “Oh, you only work part time?  How many hours?”  Sometimes I just want to scream, “You are kidding, right?” 

 Comments like that hurt me to

 the bone.  And I only have one kid! 

Think of a stay at home mom who has several children,

who chooses to raise her children full-time and not work outside

the home. 

She works harder than anyone could ever imagine!  

If I want to define my role the

way God defines it, I must turn

to the only standard that really

 counts:  The Bible. 

 When those blues of

discouragement start

clouding my thoughts, I

am choosing to

that my God holds me

in the highest esteem-

 if you don’t believe

me, read Proverbs

chapter 31.  

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