Saturday, December 24, 2011

Wednesdays with Blaine: Blaine Posts about: "mischievious elves"

an elf comes to my house at night and watches me
the next day.  then at midnight he goes to see
santa and tells him I have been good.
But our elf sometimes forgets to go to santa
and he gets into trouble, like last night.
he got all the musical instruments out and had a
party with a lot of my stuffed animals and stuffed christmas figures.
They must have had a big music party, then had food because
when we woke up this morning,
there was a HUGE mess under our
Christmas Tree!  My mom was kind of upset at Elf.
She wanted him to clean up the mess, but he wouldn't move.
She is going to write a letter to Santa about it.


Jeanne Robertson said...

I love your post, B. And I love you! (from Grandma)

Megan Donahue said...

How exciting! I miss seeing your bright, cheery little face around here!